It’s time for the third part of our blogpost about factors powering the leasing business on the Internet. In the second part of the article, we described: 

  • logistics in online leasing, 
  • the essence of backoffice processes, 
  • after-sales service in leasing, 
  • the role and purpose of the credit process. 

A modern approach to leasing, however, is not only about improving processes, applications or comprehensive after-sales customer care. In the rapidly developing world of technology, we order and sell more and more online – the e-commerce sector is triumphant, and there is no indication that trends would change quickly. To meet the requirements of the world of digital sales, it is necessary to focus on resources available in the Cloud. 

Accessible infrastructure is a must 

There is no denying: today we process more banking, credit and leasing matters online than ever before. Therefore, customers are looking for convenient, intuitive and reliable solutions. What’s more, most of them actively avoid waiting for the matter to be settled. According to the report “To Meet Customers’ Core Expectations, Human Customer Service Is The Path To CX Differentiation”, as many as 13% of respondents declare that waiting for a service is unacceptable. In turn, 2/3 of them claimed that they would spend a maximum of 2 minutes in the queue. The bar for banks and leasing companies is set very high, and, in addition, stationary branches have limited possibilities to overcome it. 

Naturally, the answer to the needs of modern clients is modern technology, also available to leaders in the leasing industry. Platforms such as Lease-Commerce and LeaseTech Prospect Portal are services perfectly tailored to the requirements of a conscious entrepreneur who appreciates his time and comfort – the platforms are prepared to be made available in cloud environments, shortening their implementation time and ensuring dynamic scalability. Thanks to this approach, everything works more efficiently. This gives your leasing company a great chance to be among the ones who consider aforementioned 2-minute waiting time to be an everyday reality. 

Efficient infrastructure at hand 

A higher number of transactions and operations, and hence – a higher number of documents – requires an increase in the efficiency of the infrastructure that supports sales processes. It is essential to enable dynamic scalability, especially in the event of rapid growths. What’s more, all these features should also be combined with reliability, reduced number of human errors and relieving the consultants available in the company – preferably without additional burden on employees.  

Cloud solutions do not have such problems. The LeaseTech Prospect Portal and Lease Commerce platforms, after prior adaptation to environment in terms of availability and efficiency, will prove themselves fit to become a part of the sales process for new and existing customers. Key decisions on the construction of the target architecture of environments and IT systems are always the result of a dialogue between the solution provider and IT departments in financial organizations; it is important to thoroughly analyze all possibilities to ensure adequate performance in terms of potential customer traffic. 

Communication is the key 

The example of companies that operate efficiently in a difficult e-commerce market shows that meeting the needs of end customers is worth the effort – it simply pays off. One should remember that on the other side there is a conscious and intelligent recipient who observes and feels – not only the quality of the product, but also the brand awareness he wants to identify with. According to the Forrester report “How To Make The Shift To Sustainable Finance”, it is more and more important for recipients to be aware of sustainable development, good practices and corporate social responsibility. When designing leasing solutions for e-commerce, you must always consider the style and quality of communication; it is worth considering the target audiences we are dealing with, and the type of product awareness we want to create. For example, the customer experience – the main touchpoint in any technology – is one of the most important criteria for selecting a given solution. 

Are all the consents really necessary?  

At the final stage of product design, it is worth considering what consents are shown to the customers, and how we present them. BIK verification, marketing consents, or maybe consent to processing of personal data? Today, we are looking for simple and convenient solutions, which is why reducing the list of required checks to a minimum is a good solution. Putting that in marketing jargon: we cannot allow the bounce rate (customers who get discouraged and do not complete the form) to be high due to bureaucracy. Maybe instead of sharing consents for approval at many stages, it is worth to gather them and make the collective section available to the client in one place? 

The world of products is based on testing 

Yes, the release of a new product must always be preceded by testing. This is a good option if you want to minimize the number of potential form errors; it is also a great opportunity to simplify the entire process and make it more accessible for the user. This is crucial because if we don’t take care of it at this point, the list of updates will be longer in the future. The WOW effect can be achieved primarily with the product launcher itself. A good product is first and foremost a product that has few errors and “distractions” – one that is convenient to use and intuitive. At each stage, it is worth consulting the designed mock-ups, drawing conclusions, conducting research and analyzing the solutions of the competition. Only then are we able to design a solution that provides benefits to both parties. 

As a short summary: in this series, we have shown that when designing comprehensive solutions for e-commerce, one should keep in mind several important issues. At LeaseTech Ailleron, we guarantee full support at every stage of preparation and implementation; we treat our clients as business partners first, and we care about the final satisfaction of both parties. 

Are you interested in our products? Are you looking for solutions that will drive your business? Ask for a demo now! 

Ailleron - 5 things to power up your leasing business on the Internet – part 3/3


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