In the first edition of the post, we have discussed five key issues for online leasing. These are:

  • online channel potential assessment for a given leasing company,
  • estimating the necessary time and budget for project implementation,
  • focus on positive customer impressions in the new sales channel,
  • full use of the online channel potential
  • customer support at every stage of the purchasing process.

These areas seem to be crucial from the point of view of the decision to implement this strategy direction. The success of online leasing, however, is based not only on those fundamental factors, but also the ones that add some value to the entire process and, thus, allow the company to stay ahead of the competition. There are many areas for improvement – and we know how to use them to make them really the key to success. So, what additionally drives leasing in digital channels?

Logistics in online leasing

It is known that after each purchase transaction (and we are talking about such in this case) a process of product delivery follows – preferably structured in a way that allows the customer to enjoy the new purchase as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to design the process responsible for this service at the stage of the concept of constructing a business plan. The necessary integrations and synchronization of financing with the shipping service, which often involve an additional partner (e.g., courier), should be foreseen. This is crucial to ensure the full range of online purchasing services and short delivery time. This process can begin immediately after signing the leasing contract remotely, or it can take place right after the fulfillment of certain contract statuses in the case of a decision to sign the agreement on paper. Regardless of the method, however, this process should be designed in a way that is attractive to the customer and implemented so that it allows for the fastest possible delivery of the long-awaited purchase.


Behind each strategic decision to expand the scope of the leasing company by entering additional sales channels is the desire to generate profits in the form of new transactions. The same goal was chosen by leasing companies expanding their activities to e-commerce. The increase in sales is directly related to the increase in the number of customers themselves, and thus, with the need to provide the necessary automatic services, such as generating the necessary documents, handling invoices or other typically administrative areas. Without proper optimization and, above all, automation of backoffice processes in a leasing company, it may be difficult to meet this challenge and properly manage tasks within the new sales channel.

After-sales service

When introducing a new sales channel, you should also plan how to maintain relationships with customers immediately after transactions. The need to automate after-sales processes in the areas of customer support during the duration of new contracts is crucial here. This involves services such as the delivery of invoices, the implementation of simple applications, or the ability to view contracts at any time. Naturally, the Customer Portal is a suitable place for this, which can become the primary communication channel. At LeaseTech, we have been specializing in the provision of such technologies for years (for more details, please click here), and the leasing companies cooperating with us, as well as their clients, rate them very positively.

The credit processes

Considering that the online sales channel is primarily dedicated to the sale of inexpensive and simple products (computer, tablet, telephone), it should be supported by a tailored and fully automatic credit process. When going through the purchasing process, the customer must be able to complete it quickly – dividing the process into stages or long waiting for a credit decision is not an option. Everything has to run smoothly in one session. Hence, the credit process for the online channel must be independent of the often-rigid leasing credit rules in a standard form. Therefore, along with the service concept, simplified credit procedures should be prepared to be implemented directly in the service platform. It is an absolutely necessary element to meet the design assumptions and market requirements for launching sales in the e-commerce channel.

Enter e-leasing, step into the future

Recent months have been a period of increasing interest in the leasing industry in entering online channels. This is evidenced by, for example, the leading topics of the last two professional events, i.e. E-leasing Day organized by the Polish Leasing Association, and the European Forum of Electronic Signature. In both cases, a lot was said about how to operate effectively and efficiently in the online space. It is certain that the digital approach is effective and profitable – and our team knows how to use this potential.

We are happy to share our knowledge on how to effectively improve leasing also in these areas – indicated above. Our platforms are constantly assessed by the market, and we are convinced that based on good practices in cooperation with our clients, we can propose appropriate solutions. For more details, please contact us individually.

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