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Join us for an exclusive webinar with Santander Leasing and learn about our financial and practical use case (webinar conducted in Polish). Find out how digital communication channels are revolutionising the leasing industry. Experts from Santander Leasing and Ailleron will share their experiences after implementing a 24/7 remote communication channel for leasing customers.

Get tips from top speakers in our industry: Magdalena Reimann – Director of Santander Leasing’s Digital Service Development Office and Mateusz Grys – Product Manager LiveBank by Ailleron.

Key topics of the webinar:

  • Market trends and changing customer expectations – according to research, in the next three years up to 43% of leasing company customers will prefer chat communication for everyday interactions – what changes does this mean for the industry and what challenges do companies face?
  • How Santander Leasing, in collaboration with Ailleron, has responded to the growing needs of its customers – the process of implementing chat as a primary communication channel.
  • The benefits and challenges of digitalisation in leasing – how has the introduction of chat affected day-to-day operations at Santander Leasing? What steps were necessary to effectively prepare for the launch of the new communication channel? – We will talk about the benefits as well as the challenges.
  • The role of digital channels in leasing sales – How do digital communication channels such as chat affect the way leasing products are sold? How does technology enable a more personal and effective approach to the customer, leading to better engagement and sales results?
  • The future of customer service in the digital channel – what are the predictions for the development of digital customer service channels over the next five years? We will discuss how technological innovation will further shape customer expectations and preferences, and how organisations can adapt to these changes to remain competitive.

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