The Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed company Wind Mobile, which includes Software Mind, a company that offers its own technological solutions on an international scale, has begun the process of a comprehensive rebranding. The company will now operate under the name “Ailleron” and has a new logo that refers to its strategy and programming language. The rebranding is another step in the company’s gradually implemented business plan, following the milestone acquisition of Software Mind in 2014. Ailleron is a leading producer and supplier of digital technologies for international banks and hotel chains, as well as telecommunications services used by all operators in Poland.

“The new name of the company is a play on the word “aileron”, the part of a wing that makes steered flight possible. An aileron therefore evokes associations with growth, control, responsibility, and security. The choice of the name was not coincidental – our technological solutions support our clients and partners and are based on safe, verified and innovative tools. The rebranding process is the continuation of our gradually implemented business strategy, which includes the milestone of the combining of Wind Mobile with Software Mind in 2014. The consolidation of the potential of both companies into the new Ailleron brand is the result of our dynamic growth as well as proof of positive changes occurring in the company. This event is the beginning of another chapter in the history of our company” – says Rafał Styczeń, CEO of Ailleron SA.

The signature portion of the Ailleron logo is an upwards-pointing arrow, emphasizing such qualities of the brand as the focus on the company’s development and increasing its clients’ business. It is also in the shape of a classic roofline, indicating partnership and safety. Another non-coincidental reference is the use of the “^” sign, which in one of the programming languages means “to the power of” and thus represents dynamic exponential growth. The logo also appears in a version with the tagline “Your Digital Wings”.

“Our new tagline – “Your Digital Wings” – is composed of three simple words and expresses the essence of our company: we want to be a trusted partner to our clients (Your), we introduce digital technologies (Digital), and we enable development and help our clients’ and partners’ businesses take flight (Wings). Our products not only fill a technological niche in specific industries but above all set trends in various markets – iLumio in hospitality, LiveBank in banking, and Ringback Tones in telecommunications” – says Piotr Kiser, Marketing Director of Ailleron SA.

“Our products are used by the largest brands in the target sectors, including Commerzbank, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, BZ WBK, Hilton, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Puro, T-Mobile, Orange, Plus, and Play. We are currently working on new implementations and contracts – we are finalizing a contract with a large banking network in Singapore, negotiating the implementation of iLumio in Dubai, and on a national scale, we are implementing another digital banking system through signing a contract with Bank Pocztowy. These new contracts open doors to future, prospective markets, and implementations in the largest chains attract the attention of other companies from a given sector, which contributes to increased interest in our products” – adds Rafał Styczeń, CEO of Ailleron SA.

Ailleron is directing its growth strategy mainly towards expanding abroad, offering the most promising and reproducible products; this strategy currently accounts for 27% of the company’s profits. The innovativeness of Polish banks and telecommunications sets the scene for the development of foreign markets; therefore, the effects on the international expansion are constantly growing. This is evidenced by contracts obtained in Europe, the Middle East and in the American market. In August, we expanded our cooperation with T-Mobile Poland, signing a record-setting contract estimated to be worth PLN 100 million with NYSE-listed Wipro Ltd. Under the new agreement, Ailleron will develop and maintain over 40 strategic IT systems belonging to T-Mobile Poland. The contract was signed for a period of 5 years.

The financial results for the first half of 2015 are very attractive – an increase in revenue from PLN 18.4 million to PLN 32.4 million (175%) and profits from PLN 2.5 million to PLN 4.9 million (from the first half of 2014). Even more significant is the change in sales structure – an increasing share of sales are generated by product income, which, due to low marginal cost, are the most profitable area of the company. The company also observed similar favorable trends in the geographical structure of sales, with exports a growing area. On 25th September, the company made its debut on the main sales floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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