In July this year, the Daniela Hotel decided to implement Ailleron’s solution, making it the third hotel in Switzerland to take advantage of the possibilities offered by iLumio.

“Since 2016, we have been successfully collaborating with hotels in Switzerland. Over the course of last few months, we implemented our technology in new hotels. Previously, our iLumio TV app was available at two hotels in Zermatt. Since July, the Daniela**** Hotel  joined the ranks of iLumio TV users. Additionally, we are planning to carry out further implementations soon with our German partner”, said Justyna Michalczyk, General Manager of iLumio BU.

Zermatt Hotels use the most advanced version of iLumio TV technology, which allows for room administration using LG TV sets with built-in iLumio systems based on the Web OS 3.0 platform. The Daniela Hotel was equipped with 30 new TV sets which enable room management, including lighting and temperature adjustment to the guests’ preferences.

Using the TV set, the guests can learn more about every attraction provided by the hotel, book a table at the hotel restaurant or sign up for dancing workshops. These activities will be then synchronized with a calendar, with notifications and reminders being displayed on the TV screen. Guests can also make purchases at the souvenir store or the hotel kiosk without having to leave their rooms – all they need is an application available on their TV sets. All expenses are automatically added to the guest’s bill.

Additionally, thanks to the integration of iLumio with local systems, users have the ability to watch not only the leading programs provided by the application, but also regional programs. Such integration provides guests with access to current news and information from the area, allowing them to know everything about all the events taking place at the hotel and in the surrounding area. The data is updated automatically, without any additional management needed.

We also added a functionality allowing users to follow live information feeds from ski slopes, enabling them to check atmospheric conditions, temperature and the number of skiers before they leave the hotel, which in turn allows them to make an informed decision about spending their time based on reliable data.

A TV screen is also a perfect tool for promoting the hotel and personalizing information provided to the hotel guests. Sending a personalized welcome message or invitations to events positively impacts the guests’ opinion about the hotel, which in the current day and age has become an excellent way to generate additional advertising.

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