The collaboration between Orange Polska SA and Ailleron, which spans several years, resulted in expanding the contract for maintaining and managing the Halo Granie (Ringback Tones) services for a period of another 5 years. The extension of the contract for a mobile entertainment service by a leading provider on the Polish market proves the unwavering popularity of having hit music playing instead of a ringing tone.

The Halo Granie service enables the user to replace the ringing tone with a music hit or another recording selected by the customer. Orange customers can select their favorite song out of a wide variety of hits, comprising almost all genres, including pop, rock, R’n’B and disco polo. The service not only expands the provider’s offer, but also generates additional revenue.

During the first years of collaboration that started in 2009, Ailleron provided the Halo Granie service in the Standard model. Over the course of the first 10 months since the project’s launch, Orange noted 700% growth in its userbase. In 2011, Ailleron delivered another sales model for the service – Halo Granie Bez Limitu – which once again resulted in dynamic userbase growth. The collaboration with Orange Polska will continue until 12.31.2022 and according to the annex, it will be carried out on the basis of a revenue share model. The contract comprises both the delivery of Ringback Tones Platform by Ailleron SA, as well as managing the Halo Granie solution on behalf of Orange Polska.

The Ringback Tones mobile entertainment service, using a revenue share model, is a constantly growing source of revenue for Ailleron. The company is continuously expanding its portfolio of solutions, taking advantage of this business model based on its experience in the communications industry. A similar approach is also being used for the financial sector.

The Orange Polska Group is the leading provider of communication services in Poland, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, providing landline and mobile telephony services, Internet access, as well as value-added communication services. Ailleron’s cooperation with Orange Polska includes technical maintenance, as well as marketing and management of Halo Granie service, and implementation of IT systems, such as Media Resource Function hub, IMS network and next generation VoiceMail solution.

The extension of the contract for the management of the Ringback Tones platform for Orange strengthens Ailleron’s position as a trusted and efficient service provider for the communications sector and confirms the effectiveness of the VAS team operations, responsible for mobile service management outsourcing.

The value of the contract is estimated to exceed 10% of company’s equity, according to the latest financial statement for Q1 2017.

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