These days, telecommunication operators face many challenges. It is not enough to offer a telephone network or even Internet access to keep a customer. The market is becoming more and more demanding, which is why mobile operators need to change with the times and look for new ways of meeting (current and future) clients’ expectations. The solution that opens new horizons in the telecommunication industry is Mobile Connect. So what are opportunities that it creates? Does the solution offered by Ailleron meet telecommunication market’s requirements?

At the beginning, let’s focus on operators’ needs. Consistent and reliable revenue is important in every industry so mobile operators are also looking for opportunities that will allow them to unlock additional sources of revenue and open them for new, demanding sectors. What’s more, they still want to build positive relationships with clients as well as protect their data’s security and privacy. Mobile Connect fulfills these needs to the letter. It brings many benefits to operators, allowing them to take their businesses to the next level.

Open to many sectors

Mobile Connect allows for authentication and (controlled) distribution of user’s personal data throughout web services. It is characterized by a flexible approach to business. Telecommunication operators can offer this solution to number of sectors and use various business models that will generate new revenue streams. Mobile Connect will be used in e-commerce, retail and tourism industry. It is also perfectly suited for more demanding areas that require even higher security level for transactions and personal data protection – for instance banking, government or administration sectors. Mobile Connect has a whole range of functions: from secure and fast authentication to authorization and sharing of attributes (unique information about the user). This is why it satisfies the current market’s needs and is being successfully sold by 62 mobile operators around the world.

Positive relationships based on trust

It has been known for a long time that positive customer relationships influence development of a business. This is no different in the case of telecommunication operators who offer the service providers the safest authentication method on the market. Mobile Connect guarantees increased security of every user who is using this login method. Personal data is stored only by mobile operators and each request for its delivery to a service provider must be accepted by the user first. The solution offered by Ailleron is immune to identity theft that is now becoming a fairly common phenomenon. Thus, the service guarantees a higher level of security than popular SMS codes. What’s more, authentication via Mobile Connect ensures convenience of use. The mechanism is based on the OpenID architecture, hence the user no longer needs to remember the login and the password. All this has a positive effect on both service providers and end users.

Strengthening the use of mobile phones in everyday life

Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. Devices available on the market are small and, above all, functional. Mobile technology is a part of life, an indispensable element of the modern world that facilitates contact, as well as allows access to many other useful functions. Mobile Connect, as a digital identity tool, fits this trend perfectly. What is important, unlike many other applications, Mobile Connect operates without Internet access. Telecommunication operators install Mobile Connect on user’s SIM card, therefore, at the moment of authentication, user only needs access to the mobile network. What’s more, Mobile Connect works on any phone, regardless of the model or the operating system. The mentioned functions guarantee great flexibility and easy access to the service, so the solution can be offered to a wide group of consumers.

Promoted by GSMA organization

Mobile Connect revolutionizes the authentication process methodology and all this is happening thanks to GSMA – an international organization associating telecommunication operators. Mobile Connect offered by Ailleron is fully compliant with GSMA standards. This is why we can officially support development, the whole idea of Mobile Connect and provide the society with the safest method of digital authentication on the market.

Mobile Connect from Ailleron arouses great interest. Until now, the solution has been successively implemented for several telecommunication operators in Europe. And this is just the beginning of the solution’s expansion that may achieve similar success as our flagship products such as Ringback Tones, LiveBank or iLumio.

If you want to learn more about the Mobile Connect and its additional opportunities, please contact us.

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