Wind Mobile, a Krakow-based company, has signed a contract to implement a next-generation voicemail system for Orange Polska. Using state-of-the-art technologies compared to those used in traditional voicemail systems allows for a significant increase in communication efficiency, which directly translates into increased revenue for the operator. It also is a chance to reduce costs by switching to a cloud computing model. “Reviving” voicemail is a noticeable trend among operators worldwide, an area of expertise in which Wind Mobile is perfectly positioned.

The cooperation of the Krakow company with Orange Polska – one of the largest Polish telecom operators – includes both the implementation of ICT systems, such as the Media Resource Function framework for the IMS network, as well as continued support in all aspects – technological, marketing and management – of Halo Granie, a popular ringback tone service. Under the signed contract, the next-generation VoiceMail service will be among the implemented systems.
This is yet another contract – coming after one signed with the operator of the Play network – to implement this type of system, which strengthens the position of Wind Mobile as a trusted and effective telecommunications provider and confirms the effectively implemented company strategy.
“Implementation of efficient and profitable systems is a growing trend among telecom operators. In the case of Orange Polska, the new voicemail will be the first voice service running virtually in the Orange Cloud. For the operator, this is a milestone in the modernization of its infrastructure, which will be an opportunity to significantly reduce costs of operation. Thanks to this installation, our product can reach up to 4.5 million landline subscribers in Poland. The implementation of this project is yet another confirmation of our strategy to sell repeatable products, which make it possible to generate revenue both for us and the operators. We are looking to the future with the hope that the implementation of our product in the landline sector of Orange Polska will strengthen our position as a supplier of voicemail solutions for mobile subscribers,” says Tomasz Kiser, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Wind Mobile Group.

The next-generation voicemail system is an innovative platform that is a response to trends in the global telecommunications market. It is a system that allows the operator to intuitively and easily set up many voice-text systems and, in the future, also video systems. It means the ability to shape the form and “look” of a voicemail system while also improving the quality of service and increasing traffic. Until now, any changes in the voicemail system in the operator’s infrastructure meant a lot of lengthy and labor-intensive work because of outdated technology. Thanks to the modern voicemail, the operators themselves can make changes to the services they offer and do so in real-time.
Subscribers have access to recorded messages and voicemail settings via the Visual VoiceMail mobile application. This is a friendly and intuitive system, which significantly increases ease of use, in contrast to traditional voicemail systems, which require the users to make a separate call. An extremely useful function of this modern voicemail is the ability to receive an MMS with the recorded message, thanks to which users can listen to and delete voice messages with just one touch.

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