Ailleron, the leader in telecommunication solutions, can boast of another spectacular success related to the launch of an innovative product – Mobile Connect – at one of the largest Polish telecommunication operators. And this is just the beginning of the expansion of the solution that will make life easier for millions of people around the world.

Taking into account all the benefits of using Mobile Connect, undoubtedly the basic advantages include the comfort and ease of logging in to your account. The solution allows the user to log in to web portals, websites or applications on a daily basis, without having to remember different logins and passwords. When logging in to Mobile Connect, the login is always the phone number and the password is one unique PIN, confirming individual attempts to register, login or being a confirmation of a given process. An alternative to the PIN code may be secured in the form of biometric factors, e.g. fingerprint or face scan. It is also worth adding that the use of Mobile Connect is possible from any device, regardless of the operating system.

User safety as the highest value of Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect technology provides four basic functions – authentication, authorization, identification and the ability to share attributes, which is, unique information about the end user, their device and transactions they make. An important aspect of these methods is increased security of personal data, which is sent only with the consent of the user. What is more, Mobile Connect is immune to identity theft, because the personal data of a particular person is retained by the operator, and the process of confirming the identity is in the hands of the user. Thus, the authentication, authorization, identification or transfer of attributes is always carried out via a mobile phone, without the need to access to the Internet. The service guarantees convenience, and above all a higher level of security than popular SMS codes.

Limitless use cases

The Mobile Connect mechanism is distinguished by a flexible approach to business, which is why it can be used in an unlimited number of cases. The solution will be used in the tourism sector, in e-commerce, in corporate sectors as well as in more demanding segments  in banking, in public administration or in the government sector. In banking as well as in administration, much stronger and more effective security is required, including transaction or document flow – all this is guaranteed by Mobile Connect.

Full compliance with GSMA standards

It is also worth adding that the solution is intensively promoted by GSMA  an international organization associating telecommunications operators and suppliers around the world. Mobile Connect of Ailleron is fully compliant with the standards introduced by GSMA. The company is in the final phase of the solution certification to become the official vendor of Mobile Connect. By definition, Mobile Connect will be propagated by a global network of mobile operators. According to GSMA data, currently, over 60 telecommunications operators around the world have made the first implementations or tests of the Mobile Connect solution.

The aims of Ailleron

By building security and privacy, we can help the public more effectively to use many services in the digital world. The aim of Ailleron is to actively and reasonably support the development of this project as well as the very idea of Mobile Connect. Expanding the company’s offer with another innovative product and attracting so much interest that it’s easy to believe that soon, Mobile Connect will share the success of LiveBank, iLumio, or Ringback Tones.

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