For over two months, mBank customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been able to use a virtual banking branch in the form of a chat built on LiveBank. As can be observed, the new service channel is positively received by bank users, as almost 15% of all Contact Center interactions in the Czech and Slovakian mBank take place through chat. Meanwhile, in Poland, every 3rd client contacts mBank in this way.

LiveBank has been supporting mBank in Poland for 9 years. The Expert Online service channel allows customers to interact with the bank directly through the mobile application and online banking via chat. In Poland, over 51,000 mBank customers use the chat channel every month. The platform was quickly appreciated and awarded, among others, at Finovate conferences in New York and London. As a continuation of this long-term cooperation, we have signed an agreement to create a system that will help meet the needs of mBank customers in the Czech and Slovak markets. The chat system was made available to customers at the end of 2020.

The project uses a multitenant approach, referring to the software architecture, thanks to which several separate business lines can use the same LiveBank system while maintaining separate, defined permissions. This solution will allow serving users from three countries within one installation. This will enable the development of the application in parallel with the Polish version. Eventually, customers can use a wide range of chat communication options, with access to conversation history, file exchange, both in the mobile and desktop version.

LiveBank provides customers with easy and efficient contact with the bank, in line with the principles of modern banking. The bank, in turn, can count on reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency by increasing the number of daily interactions with customers. Moreover, the new chat channel will allow the bank to reach new target groups, i.e., those who prefer to write rather than call.

The entire project is divided into two stages, the first of which involves implementing LiveBank in online banking for logged-in customers who can simultaneously perform operations on their account and chat with the bank’s advisor. This phase of the project was implemented in November 2020.

The second stage will be the integration of the LiveBank solution on the mobile banking platform, so that mBank customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia can freely chat with the bank through the mobile application.

“We are very pleased that our cooperation with mBank is developing, and we are launching LiveBank together on new markets. This implementation confirms once again the high quality of products delivered by Ailleron, which is a response to the growing market expectations. The Czech Republic and Slovakia expand the group of several dozen countries where LiveBank actively supports remote customer interactions with banks,” says Piotr Skrabski, General Manager of LiveBank.

“The chat solution that we are implementing together with Ailleron in our foreign branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is a response to the constant growth in popularity of the bank’s mobile channels. Customer support through chat in remote channels is particularly important for us because during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, these channels have become the main point of contact between the customer and the bank. We want our chat to not only be a place for customers to exchange information with the bank, but also a place where we will offer our customers the possibility to carry out a wide range of transactions, previously available only in traditional channels. The first reactions of our customers are very positive and show us that this was a good direction of development,” says Dawid Chruśliński, Project Manager, Expert in Contact Center Strategy and Development for mBank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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