Are abandoned transactions a pressing problem in your financial institution? Does your company find it difficult to reach its customers through online channels? Do you wish to overcome numerous obstacles on your way to the implementation of fully remote processes? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our round table “Future Forward – eKYC and Remote Identification – Challenges, Best Practices and Trends in Digital Transformation” is for you.

Please join us in the first instalment of this in-depth series co-hosted by Ailleron and IDENTT. Our experts joining forces to share with you our hard-won knowledge of the ever-changing eKYC landscape.

Expertise and experience from our last joint project inspired us to share our knowledge. Our solution was recognized by industry experts, and it was nominated for Mobile Trends Awards in Banking and Finances.

Our internal data shows that:

  • On average, 20% of new account sales are selfie accounts
  • Remote loans have the best results, with up to 80% obtained using a remote process
  • The full return on investment takes about 2 years 

We see the lucrative potential of eKYC-based solutions and we want to help you get on board now before it’s too late.

During this event, Ailleron and IDENTT experts will show you the potential of digital solutions in the banking industry. The webinar will cover a range of topics regarding banking in a digital world, including:

Our panel of consultants will shed some light on the most common problems and obstacles financial institutions may face on their way to digital transformation. It is a firstrate of information for banking institutions seeking to form long-lasting relationships with their customers and provide them with a variety of innovative solutions.

We will share the best practices that will keep your business secure, convenient yet compliant. During the event, you will also find the answers to questions like:

The webinar will allow you to network with Ailleron & IDENTT experts in the field of digital banking solutions. They are:

Andras A. Barsi – Head of strategy at IDENTT. An award-winning expert with 15 years of experience in digital transformation and electronic signature. He brings a unique blend of legal and technical expertise and has acted as a LegalTech consultant at the CxO level on multiple digital transformation projects focused on legal compliance. He has in-depth knowledge of current challenges in remote identity verification, onboarding, e-signature and trust services.

Michał Walerowski – eKYC Product Owner at Ailleron. Currently a Product Owner of eKYC solution and Business Development Manager in the area of digital channels and process automation. Experienced expert focused on omnichannel onboarding process and applying artificial intelligence to digital banking.

Christopher Sale – Chief Business Development Officer at IDENTT. A seasoned expert in ID verification/fraud prevention with a practical mindset. He combines technology know-how with a strong business-oriented approach and delivers significant value to IDENTT’s customers and partners.

Zbigniew Glinka – Business Development Manager at Ailleron. Experienced manager focusing on Internet and Mobile banking for individual clients. Enthusiast of business processes digitalization. Expert and evangelist in the scope of digital sales and online systems for individuals and SMEs.

It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and show you the opportunities provided to you by digital processes. Sign up for the free webinar now and receive all the information you need to be a part of this event.

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