In the first quarter of 2024, Ailleron will implement the LiveBank system in a cloud model for Santander Leasing. This solution will revolutionize the leasing industry. With LiveBank, customers can instantly connect with a company consultant via chat or share documents through digital communication, providing a convenient and seamless experience.

The new collaboration between Ailleron and Santander Leasing brings new opportunities for remote communication and customer service. The agreement between the partners additionally includes options to flexibly increase demand for the number of licenses in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

This will be the first LiveBank implementation for a leasing institution. Due to the innovative nature of the implementation in this sector, the agreement with Santander Leasing is strategically important. – said Piotr Piątosa, Vice President and COO of Ailleron. – We have a long-standing relationship with Santander Leasing, and it is all the more significant for us that the client is expanding the range of services with more of our solutions. This is confirmation of the high quality of our services and customer satisfaction. In addition, cooperation with one of the leading leasing companies is a great reference potential for Ailleron in the leasing services market, and we hope for further agreements in this area. We are incredibly proud of this, and it motivates us to continue working hard – he adds.

Santander Leasing is among the top leasing companies, being a long-time leader in financing machinery and equipment. As a universal lessor, it offers, among other things, financing for a wide range of fixed assets to small and medium-sized businesses and corporate clients.

Our innovative system will provide vital and accurate support to Santander Leasing in serving its customers. The LiveBank platform is a digital customer case management tool enabling remote customer communication. With LiveBank, Santander Leasing customers can connect with a company consultant anytime. The platform also offers the ability to share documents and view chat history, facilitating cooperation and strengthening customer relationships. We already have positive results from using LiveBank to sell mortgages and investments or serve retail and business customers such as ING. We are confident that our system will prove equally successful in the leasing industry – said Łukasz Byrski, General Manager of LiveBank Cloud at Ailleron.

LiveBank is a digital communications platform designed to optimize and automate sales and customer service processes in the financial market. It enables advanced remote customer service processes, the acquisition of new customers with the use of biometric video-verification processes, and the sale of almost the full range of financial products without a personal contact, while ensuring maximum security.

The new project is another implementation carried out by Ailleron experts at Santander Leasing, as mentioned by LeaseTech General Manager at Ailleron, Kamil Portka:
“For more than 10 years, we have been a partner of Santander Leasing in the digital transformation of the company’s critical business areas. Our solutions open up new sales channels, enabling customers to transact remotely and automate after-sales processes. We are extremely pleased that Santander Leasing has once again placed its trust in us.”

The OChK company will oversee the process of cloud service provision and support in ensuring compliance of the cloud services used with legal requirements and industry regulations, in particular the so-called UKNF Cloud Announcement. Thanks to strategic partnerships with Google and Microsoft, the company offers advanced technological support, the highest security standards, and services in cyber security, regulatory compliance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics.

The beginning of the new year is off to a very fruitful start at Ailleron, and we are already looking forward to the results of this exciting collaboration. The launch of LiveBank at the leasing institution marks a new era of streamlined and efficient customer interactions, setting a precedent for digital acceleration in the leasing industry.

Santander Leasing (formerly BZ WBK Leasing) is a long-standing machinery and equipment financing leader and is among the top leasing companies. As a universal lessor, it offers financing for a wide range of fixed assets to small and medium-sized businesses and corporate clients. Santander Leasing’s main products are operating leases, finance leases, and loans – offered as PLN or indexed to foreign currencies. The company specializes in financing all means of transportation. The offer is tailored to specific professional groups (including doctors and veterinarians). Santander Leasing also finances machinery and equipment for entities in the agricultural sector. The Santander Leasing team emphasizes the high quality of its services, and the provisions of the general terms and conditions of leasing agreements are considered the safest for customers in successive editions of rankings by independent experts. The main shareholder of Santander Leasing S.A. is Santander Bank Polska S.A., one of the largest commercial banks in Poland and part of the Santander Group. 

Ailleron SA is a dynamic capital group based in Krakow, Poland, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Ailleron provides technology services for fintechs, banks, leasing companies and other financial industry players, mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia. Its mission is to make financial experiences easy and enjoyable for everyone, by developing innovative IT solutions based on cloud technology, data science and artificial intelligence. Ailleron’s clients include Citibank, ING, Santander, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered and Credit Agricole. With a global reach spanning over 40 countries, Ailleron Group serves more than 200 clients and employs a robust team of over 1,500 specialists. 

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