Ailleron has signed an agreement with PKO Bank Polski S.A. for the implementation of the cloud-based LiveBank system. The scope of the agreement with PKO BP allows for implementing at the Bank, in the future, the LiveBank cloud solution integrated with the electronic banking environment (which allows for using the chat channel) on the mobile platforms and websites supported by the Bank. All of the processes will take place in compliance with banking standards, including the policy of storing and processing clients’ data in a state-of-the-art, safe cloud architecture.

“For a number of months, Ailleron has been working on a completely new model of functioning for LiveBank. Following the global direction of transformation and the needs of financial institutions, which have grown significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company decided to transform LiveBank into a cloud-based solution. The purpose was to create a tool that can be implemented much more quickly and is more flexible, so that clients can scale up as they wish without the need to incur high initial costs—all they need to do is purchase the number of licenses they think is appropriate for them. Thanks to this technology, the bank can manage resources in a much more efficient way, adjusting their use to current needs,” Piotr Skrabski, LiveBank General Manager and Member of the Management Board of Ailleron S.A., says.

The experience of Ailleron’s team has allowed it to develop LiveBank’s cloud version that offers a very high banking security level. The purpose of LiveBank Cloud is to provide fully remote secure customer service, sell a wide range of products, and manage customer relations via a number of communication channels.

The value of the agreement currently exceeds 10% of the company’s equity, according to the last consolidated financial statements of Ailleron S.A., which were published for Q3 2021. The details of the agreement (amounts, tranches, functional scope) are confidential, which is a standard practice of large financial institutions. The terms of the agreement do not deviate from what is typical of this type of a transaction. The agreement provides for a development model and allows the Bank to increase its needs in terms of additional licenses under the cloud-based model.

“The agreement with PKO BP is of strategic importance for the entire Ailleron Group because of the innovative nature of the implementation and the cooperation with one of the key banks in Central and Eastern Europe that has a high potential in terms of references. The trust from the PKO BP Group is a confirmation of top quality and security of the solutions offered by Ailleron,” Mr. Skrabski adds.

LiveBank Cloud is a conversational banking platform that allows for implementing advanced processes in terms of remote customer service, acquiring new customers through biometric video verification, and selling nearly all of the financial products without the need for face to face contact. LiveBank is capable of replacing a brick and mortar branch of a bank or another financial institution (lease, credit, and insurance institutions), guaranteeing a maximum of security in the area of remote customer service.

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