After our successful participation at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2017, Ailleron has once again decided to take part in this outstanding, global event. SFF is a strategic conference integrating the FinTech community and gathering the largest and the most significant technology companies, banks and financial institutions on the market.

In 2017 we had a chance to present the latest product of the FinTech portfolio – RoboWealth. It’s a robo-advisory platform that fully automates investment processes. After a warm welcome and an enthusiastic reception of that product, this year we were pleased to present Challenger Bank – a completely modern, multifunctional open banking platform, designed to face the key challenges of modern, innovative banking.

Ailleron services already millions of Asian bank customers and it’s a significant provider of virtual technologies in this region. During the largest FinTech event our company was represented by a superior 8-member team of new technologies experts:

Piotr Skrabski – Senior Vice President
Adam Bugaj – Executive Vice President
Szymon Jońca – International Sales Director
Tomasz Kowalczyk – Business Development Director
Katarzyna Prus-Malinowska – General Manager – AI/Chatbots
Pradeep Sunkara – Business Development Manager
Maciej Witkowski – General Manager – Robotic Investment Solutions
Remigiusz Wrażeń – International Sales Director

Our main aim was to give the participants a chance to meet our professional team and encourage them to share their professional experiences. We wanted to provide the most reliable, substantive information about our innovate, high-end company products.

During the conference, Piotr Skrabski, Ailleron Senior Vice President, was invited to participate in the discussion panel ‘Digital Only Bank – Strategies and Challenges’. We discussed the challenges that the companies face in regard to their digital activities. We had also a pleasure to consider the ways of accelerating the pace of digitalization.

Katarzyna Prus-Malinowska, General Manager – AI/Chatbots,  took part in the discussion panel concerning the issue of bank client engagement. Katarzyna also showed how LiveBank responds to the fast-changing needs and requirements of the banking industry in regard to digitalization response.

Adam Bugaj, Executive Vice President, together with his team responded a number of questions about the Challenger Bank solution, that deliver everything needed to run and operate a profitable bank in few months. Once again Ailleron’s technology aroused great interest.

Our flagship products are the leading solutions chosen by banks and various institutions around the world. The excellent adoption of Ailleron products at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018 demonstrates the growing recognition of the company in Asian markets. It also helps us to predict that the Challenger Bank is definitely able to repeat the outstanding successes of the LiveBank and RoboWealth platforms.

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