No-code platforms are gaining increased attention, whether in banking or other industries. After all, they enable the building, customisation and deployment of applications in a timely manner without the need for the technical expertise of professional developers. They do so by providing pre-built components that the user can drag and drop wherever they need. Do you want to learn more? Then keep reading!

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What Is a No-Code Platform?

A no-code platform is a tool for application development that, as the name suggests, enables the creation of apps without any coding. It’s based on a visual approach to development, quite similar to low-code technology. How does it work?

A no-code platform abstracts development from a programming language. As a result, different objects, elements, and components are used to represent tasks. The user may arrange them freely to create the desired app without any experience in coding.

No-code platforms are usually used by inexperienced developers and non-technical professionals, such as product managers or marketers. Professional developers, if they do not write code from scratch, usually opt for low-code solutions.

Why Use a No-Code Platform in Banking?

There are several reasons why no-code solutions are perfect for banking, most of which are strongly tied to the general benefits of no-code technology. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Development Speed

While a no-code platform might slightly limit your customisation options, it’s one of the fastest solutions for app development. As such, it has found a plethora of uses in banking.

For example, they are a popular choice for digital transformations in banks where changing existing systems and the procedures based on them, along with the complexity of integrations, proves a major challenge. Due to the simplicity and speed of no-code app development, they are perfect for making a quick entrance into 21st-century proactive banking.

You can also use no-code platforms to introduce digital process automation quickly, for instance, by designing a simple appointment management app or a credit risk initial assessment app for your employees.

No Technical Skills Required

Another benefit of no-code platforms for banking is that they do not require any technical skills – anyone can develop their app. As such, you can eliminate the bureaucracy and long waiting times, test more solutions, and have the person who thought up the design bring the idea to life.

If you opt for the abovementioned solutions, you also give your developers more time to work on other projects, especially those critical to your business operations.

Cutting Down Costs

With faster development and without the need for professional developers, the overall costs of creating your apps can be decreased significantly. Naturally, if you’re designing a retail mobile banking app for your clients, you might still need the pros and opt for traditional methods. But, for internal process optimisation, that’s the perfect choice – not only do you save on the development costs, but you also gain additional savings through internal process optimisation.

Potential Challenges of Using No-Code Platforms

If no-code platforms were perfect, there wouldn’t be alternatives to them. Unfortunately, they are not – there are some challenges that you might face when using no-code technology, and you need to bear them in mind when developing your apps. What are they?

Limited Data Integration

Not every no-code platform will be compatible with all the other systems you use in your bank. As a result, your data might get siloed, and you might be unable to make fully data-driven decisions. However, this can be prevented – you just need to know the specs of your platform and plan the data logic in-line with existing systems.

Yet, even if your platform is compatible with all the data sources at the start, data integration might still become a problem. The natural integrations of your platform lower the number of other tools that you can seamlessly integrate into your IT infrastructure.

Lack of Sufficient Customisation

Yes, you can customise your no-code apps, but there are limitations you will not overcome. This is why we underlined before that, despite being great for optimising your internal processes, low-code platforms might not be the perfect solution for all apps where your customers are the end users. But even in the back office, the lack of personalisation might block some ideas out.


Yes, simplicity in development is one of the biggest advantages of no-code development platforms. However, it’s a double-edged sword – the simplicity of the development process is reflected in the limited data processing capabilities of the final app.

This means that no-code platforms will be a mediocre choice if you need really complex products, like a retail banking internet platform or an advanced super app for the customers.

No-Code vs. Low-Code Platforms – Which One Is Better for You?

Knowing the benefits of no-code platforms for banking and understanding that there are other alternatives, namely low-code platforms, you might be wondering – which option is the best for your business? It all depends on your needs.

  • Flexibility and customisation – A no-code platform offers limited flexibility and customisation options; hence, if you need these two traits in particular, opt for a low-code platform and get support from your developers when required.
  • Sophistication and complexity – The simpler the apps you need, the better the no-code platform will do. But, for more complex projects, you might opt for low-code solutions (or traditional coding).
  • Speed – Both low-code and no-code platforms enable you to accelerate the development process significantly. Still, no-code solutions are an absolute winner in this category, so if quick time to market is your priority, opt for them.

The Takeaway

No-code platforms prove extremely useful in banking, though this strongly depends on the particular needs of each financial organisation. Yet, after reading our article, you know how to evaluate whether you should invest in a no-code platform or a low-code one. If you need help deciding, contact us at Ailleron – we’re the fintech experts you need to complete the digital transformation in your bank and take the whole organisation to the next level. We are happy to discuss your needs with you and help you select the best solution for your business, whether no-code, low-code or custom software.

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