LeaseTech on lockdown – first weeks were the key

For the whole IT industry lockdown was not only a technical, but also a social challenge. The very first weeks of isolation have tested our capabilities under the unprecedented circumstances that required many additional adjustments. In May we wrote an article on how we coped with those challenges. However, LeaseTech adaptation had many positive, long-term results – even though back in March 2020 we did not expect the restrictions to stay here for so long 

Quickly, but precisely introduced changes allowed us to become an observer, not a direct participant of the crisis. The actions related to efficiency monitoring combined with improving the standards of remote work helped us minimize the difficulties we had to face.  

LeaseTech stays in touch with the customers

Constant evaluation became a basis for of work. We continuously analyze customers’ opinions regarding the new formula of cooperation. In many cases we are their leading provider of IT services and, in the same time, an essential partner ensuring the continuity of business management.  

What is more, the pandemic had a significant impact on our customer’s development needs that we have to respond to. The opinions we are given indicate that customers did not see any decline in the quality of our services – that is an important efficiency index for us. In hindsight, despite several project difficulties and the necessity to operate on remote basis we have observed that more frequent status meetings allowed us to quickly verify our progress and to maintain the connections within teams. That habit will surely become a part of LeaseTech routine actions.  

Feedback as a base of LeaseTech further growth

Constant monitoring of cooperation with our customers and business meetings with prospective partners indicate the crucial role of our IT projects in their organizations. They also show the increasing pace of decision-making processes related to the introduction of remote customer service. For Ailleron it certainly generates an increasing amount of development work. Thus, we grow rapidly in terms of sales and development of business services to keep up with the demand from the market.  

Based on the comparision of the data year on year we can conclude that despite the general drop in the result of the leasing industry we have to cope with the increasing need for investment in IT solution from the leasing companies. Online solutions are crucial in the field, as they allow for fully remote customer service – including the verification process and digital signatures.  

LeaseTech results – optimistic predictions for the quarter

Quoting the exact financial results before the end of IV quarter could prove untimely. For now, we can surely state that our cooperation with customers during the last 9 months is constantly developing. That means that we employ an increasing number of people, and there are some more new project laying ahead. Thus, we are expected to keep up with those needs, as we are one of the leading long-term partners for our customers.  

In many cases we are still involved in sales processes that allow us to be optimistic about the challenges we may face in 2021. Positive decisions in those processes will result in new teams being created and new recruitment started. This is a desired event for us, as it will make our future look bright.  

The situation is active – just like LeaseTech

We are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation, as we mentioned in our previous blogpost. The last few months made it difficult for us to predict what may come. Still, we are prepared to continue work regardless of the circumstances. What is more, while planning our remote work we assume that negative scenarios will happen. Our plans are based on the priority of health and safety of our employees and the instructions published by the government. We can observe the same trend in our partners, what makes our cooperation full of understanding and commitment.  

We carefully observe everything that happens on the market and we are ready to adjust to the changes that may occur. Surely the future return to offices will motivate us to create a list of good practices that will stay with us for the months and years to come.  

Ailleron - LeaseTech keeps the pace in the new reality


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