Why mobile banking for corporate customers?

Mobile applications are widely used all around the world. Nearly all the customers claim to facilitate them to some extent. Thus, such digital solutions can be considered a standard. We have now reached the point where users demand more than just a few basic features – they expect the banks to provide them with a comprehensive customer journey from the very first contact until the transaction is complete.

Additional tools and features are becoming increasingly necessary for both individual and corporate customers. However, such advanced solutions are still rare in the industry, leaving thousands of customers with only a handful of options. As one may suppose, those do not satisfy the needs of a broader audience, causing them to lose interest in banking services. Fortunately, there are still some technologies that can help financial institutions to keep up with all the changes in the market. A Corporate Banking Platform is definitely one of them – and we would like you to get to know this solution better during the demo included in our webinar.

Discover mobile banking with us!

During the presentation, we explored a variety of advantages included in the mobile banking platform, including:

  • Short time to market
  • Various customer journey options
  • Usability, look, and feel compatible with the latest trends and customers’ needs
  • The ability to meet the needs of the corporate users

The webinar also included a demo based on the most popular inquiries and case studies.

Meet our experts on corporate mobile banking!

Krzysztof Tobiasz works as a Business and Product Development Manager at Ailleron. While gathering 18 years of experience, he took part in more than 20 successful deployment projects of corporate banking platforms in many countries.

Agnieszka Piróg, on the other hand, is an expert in the field of a variety of tools dedicated SME and corporate customers with over 20 years of experience gathered from the perspective of different positions, including 13 years of experience in corporate banking. During that time, she used to work as a bank specialist supporting international payments and a head of the trade finance operations department, business analyst, pre-sales consultant, and product manager of a corporate banking platform in one of the biggest Polish IT companies.


Ailleron - Explore the opportunities of mobile banking in our webinar!


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