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PKO Leasing is owned by the PKO Bank Polski Group, Poland’s leading financial institution. For several years now, it has been recognized as the undisputed leader of the Polish leasing and rental market; a position achieved thanks to the company’s extensive sales network, mobile advisors, and customer service at the highest level. Since it was founded in 1999, it supported businesses regardless of their size, industry or sector, and thus the Polish economy. The company focuses on offering superior service quality to its customers, increasingly implementing digital tools to that end.


With digitalization taking hold in the finance industry, customer needs continue to change at a rapid pace, moving hand in hand with new directions in the development of state-of-the-art applications and standards. A growing customer base requires efficient and highly-automated online processes, which reduce the workload and number of employees required for handling them, while also lowering the impact of system failures and service disruptions. All this couples with the environmental and financial impact of the enormous volume of documents sent by mail.


PKO Leasing was looking for a business and technology partner who could offer help and support in successfully tackling these challenges in an effective and efficient manner, all while meeting the needs stemming from widespread acceleration within the digital sphere. The company turned to Ailleron for support in developing a comprehensive platform that would enhance the quality of its customer service and provide lessees with a convenient tool for keeping up to date with their financial obligations.


Ailleron’s LeaseTech Customer Platform solution, which streamlines and automates the customer service process, is designed to meet all of PKO Leasing’s needs. Comprehensive customization of the system resulted in the development of the Customer Portal, which fits the needs of PKO Leasing customers and employees.

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  • 98% of all customers use the Portal
  • 1 million payments being made via the Portal
  • 100% uptime, with reliability monitored on an ongoing basis
  • NPS, the Net Promoter Score, indicating customer satisfaction index, continues to grow year on year
  • 20,000 customers have used the Portal’s balance confirmation option
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As of now, virtually all PKO Leasing customers take advantage of remote management features for their leasing contracts, which only reinforces our conviction that the development of the Customer Portal was the only right choice.

Robert Szpunar

Digital Channel Development Team Manager, PKO Leasing

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