In 2020 the entire IT industry was a subject of revolution caused by the changes forced by the pandemic. The unprecedented social and economic challenges were a beginning of a transformation that we ca witness in 2021. What IT trends 2021 will take the incoming moths by a storm and how can they impact the entire industry?

AI, mobility and availability: IT trends for 2021

The main factor powering the IT trends 2021 is flexibility. As the previous months have shown, it was the one feature that was necessary for the business to survive in a rapidly changing environment. Still, for software development industry it is just a tip of the iceberg made of a number of innovative solutions. They will be the base for 2021 IT trends.

Artificial intelligence: scalability, reliability, automation

Artificial intelligence cannot be omitted on our list of IT trends 2021. It has everything a company may need to face numerous challenges posed by “the new normal”. It is scalable, efficient, accessible, and it can be tailored to the needs of almost every company. The sole reaction to the IT trends and following implementation of AI is still not enough. The real key to the success in 2021 may turn out to be the efficient introduction of AI modules to the main software development process. Such an action can guarantee that artificial intelligence will be a tool tailored to company’s needs instead of an irrelevant addition to everyday duties.

Comprehensive experiences powered by IT trends

Customer’s needs can no longer be fulfilled by separated services. Today, they expect to receive comprehensive solutions available wherever and whenever they want them to be. Thus, it comes as no surprise that IT trends 2021 include customer journey design. What is more, the experience of 2020 has proven that the development of separated features or services is no longer an option. Combining all the available modules in one effective platform allows the company to meet all the customers’ needs. That is why many corporations have turned towards microservices helping them achieve this goal. Mobile solutions, digital documentation and remote identity verification are actions that have to be accessible from one intuitive touchpoint in order to attract new customers, shape company’s public image and power further sales.

Accessible and intuitive: omnichannel and more

The access to company’s branches was recently limited. Still, it does not mean that the access to their services is limited, too. IT trends for 2021 have predicted such an outcome. In the months to come we can expect the pressure in the industry will be put on intuitive and accessible solutions. Digital system including omnichannel solutions, remote onboarding and online identity verification is no longer just an interesting feature for technology enthusiasts, but also a base for developing customer relations in an internet-based world. Thus, it comes as no surprise that services such as platform banking are becoming increasingly popular.

Automation as an IT trend. Revolution or evolution?

Automation opens up a number of new possibilities. Reduction of costs, shorter service time and thorough data analysis are just a few of them. Thus, it obviously became an IT trend for the weeks and months to come. Implementation of automated modules is one of the greatest chances related to software development. This improvement allows the companies to limit their problems related to everyday tasks – both financial and procedural. In the quarters to come, we will be see not only growing interest in the service, but also so-called hiperautomation – the automation of all the possible processes, beneficial for the entrepreneurs.

Cybersecurity – IT trend not only for 2021

Transactions, meetings and formalities have all moved to the internet, becoming a base for more challenges and trends in IT for 2021. From business point of view, cybersecurity is the most important of them all. Now it is perceived as much more than just an antivirus installed on a company’s device. Cybersecurity is an IT trend that can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the industry it is meant for. It is present in remote identity verification, sharing personal details, encrypting banking information and many, many others. Regardless of our choice of features, their proper development, testing and implementation will be more important with every new module introduced to the app – especially the ones designed for banks and governments.

IT trends 2021: expect the unexpected

All the IT trends mentioned above show us the way to develop software in the months to come. Based on the experiences from 2020 we can conclude, that all of them would be inapplicable if it was not for the flexibility that remains a key to the success. Preparing for the unexpected and enabling quick adjustments to the systems will prove necessary not only in the next few weeks, but also in the whole foreseeable future.

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