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Atmosphere in company


Hi! My name is Anka. I joined SM in 2009. I work in the position of Account Coordinator, where I am responsible for acquiring new customers in the financial sector and their ongoing support.

I ended up in the company owing to Karina – currently The Member of The Board, whom I met at postgraduate level studies. We found a common language immediately, and as she was looking for a person she could work with.. here I am.

Of course, I had to go through two stages of recruitment, which included a conversation in English and a presentation that I had prepared. Even then, I felt that the people and the work atmosphere would suit me very much.

At the beginning, it was tough, of course. Due to the nature of the business, I had to absorb new terminology intensively, as well as other aspects of the IT sector. Today, after almost a year and a half working at SM under Karina’s guidance, I can say that I have learned a lot and I know the biggest and most interesting challenges are yet to come. Coordinating the preparation of tenders, cold calling or meetings with clients and presentations at their offices are no longer a problem for me.

What is the coolest thing? I think the possibility of contact and work with people. And the most important thing? For me, the development opportunities that the company offers.

Outside, it’s autumn weather, and I cannot wait for the first snow to jump onto my snowboard with the rest of the crew from work.

Tomasz Operations Director

Our paths, mine and Software Mind's, – crossed in 2005.

In principle, there was no Software Mind at that time but WebSoft, and I was still a student. The company then employed 10-15 people, and the CEO checked the code I had written. At the time, I remember I worked as a programmer with per-project agreements and what I cared about the most was to gain experience.

What I liked at SM was that there were people there that I could learn a lot from. Initially, I worked in the technical path, slowly climbing further up its rungs. With time, I strove for independent project management and greater responsibility. Because I felt fulfilled working in team management, I decided to move to the management path. Now I am working as Operations Director and I must say that this is what I want to do at this point. I still have a fondness for technical matters and as much as I can, I try not to lose touch with them completely.

What I like most about SM is the good atmosphere at a company that fosters effective work. Anyone can be themselves and arrange their work as best suits them, including the working hours and remote work if needed.

Rafał Software Engineer III

Well - not so long ago; in 2009 and quite close in fact. In Krakow, a friend of mine had started his traineeship at Software Mind. Lured by his quite positive impressions, I decided to apply for the internship too and bring a little change into my student life that I was living so easily at the AGH University in Krakow. Quick decision and from then on, everything went smoothly. Send a CV,
a call with an invitation for an interview, some questions about me, a short test, a very friendly atmosphere and there it was: my first day at work. The traineeship passed quickly, then there was a test period and then they asked me if I wanted to stay at Software Mind longer. Without a moment of hesitation, I said yes, of course.

From the outset, which is for two years, I have been participating in the WeKnowIt EU project developed by a consortium of several research centres from Europe, and companies such as Vodafone (Greece), Telefonica (Spain), Yahoo (United States) and none other than Software Mind SA. The primary purpose of the project is to develop innovative technologies to enable a multidimensional analysis of data originating from different sources (audio, images, text). Is this interesting? Incredibly! Contact with partners from across Europe, sharing experiences, identifying the latest technologies; all that is why I am never bored at work. In a positive sense, of course.

It’s hard not to mention the atmosphere at work. And why? Because it seems to me, it could not get better. Great relations both with people involved in my project and with those from every other department are undeniable and a very important advantage.

Wondering what you can expect at Software Mind? Well, I must mention a few things, starting from top: biscuits on Mondays, foosball in the free time, fun conversations in the kitchen, team building events, help from other colleagues in solving problems, training within the company and outside, interesting projects and quick acquisition of experience.

Software Mind offers me a lot of possibilities and excitement, will it give you the same? Well that depends on you only, so come and see for yourself as I did:)


I started working for Software Mind as a .net developer right after my graduation from AGH University in 2009.

Since that time I have been working on different projects dedicated for financial sector which gave me an opportunity to develop myself in different technologies. Until now, I had an opportunity to code in C#, Java (Android), C/C++, C++/CLI and even JavaScript. 

My last project, which is developed with success for couple of years now, is LiveBank. In this project my responsibility is a wide Audio/Video area which we created from the scratch. We have not only advantage over similar tools but also satisfaction from building Audio/Video components in real time on different platforms.

During years of my presence in Software Mind I always had an opportunity to work with great people, in teams that are capable of creating good atmosphere. Thing that I appreciate most in Software Mind is the sense that our work and its effects have real impact on the company. Moreover, the projects here are very interesting and they give both satisfaction and opportunity to develop yourself.

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