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Nov. 19, 2012

More Digital Music for Wind Mobile

On 19th November 2012, Wind Mobile concluded an agreement with the leading aggregator of rights to digital music. The obtained music databases will be used in Open Ringback.

Open Ringback is a breakthrough on the market of ringback tones. After several years of investment, we have developed an advanced technology and globally unique model which functions on the digital music market. The reception of the new Wind Mobile product by TV stations and press media has grown beyond our expectations. We are constantly expanding the catalogue of songs and the new agreement provides us with additional sales potential. Looking at the intensity of activities in 2012, we are optimistic in developing plans for the next year, says Tomasz Kiser, Vice President of Wind Mobile.

The company estimates that over 50 % of digital music is sold in the form of ringback tones.

The entire world wonders how to earn money on music in the digital era. We have developed an efficient and unique method. We are working on new ideas, adds Igor Bokun, Wind Mobile CEO.

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