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Aug. 1, 2016

LiveBank virtual banking enters Asia

LiveBank virtual banking system has been implemented by international bank, Standard Chartered, to service its clients in Singapore and Malaysia.

LiveBank is a technologically advanced virtual banking solution that can increase the availability of banking services by providing the possibility to contact an advisor and product specialist via video, audio or a chat channel, depending on the customer’s preference.

The implementation of LiveBank in a company as significant as Standard Chartered is a huge honour for us. We believe that this new contract will allow us to expand further in Asia, Africa and in the Middle East – said Rafał Styczeń, CEO of Ailleron & Software Mind.

We had an ambitious plan for LiveBank. We are confident this high quality,  innovative and proven product  can help the banking industry to offer more convenience to their customers – added Piotr Skrabski, General Manager BU LiveBank.

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