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Dec. 3, 2015

Ja + Zdrowie (Me + Health) – the first virtual clinic in Poland implemented for the Plus network

Software Mind, a part of Ailleron SA, has completed work on communication software used in a telemedicine service provided by the Plus network. Ja + Zdrowie (Me + Health) is a Virtual Clinic service and a pioneering solution in our country, which millions of users will be able to take advantage of. Medical consultations available twenty-four hours a day, contact with a nurse, discussion of test results – now all of that is possible on the Internet – via audio, video and chat channels, using a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. The software, created by Software Mind, is used in the service launched by the Plus mobile operator, together with Falck Medycyna, its medical partner. 

Ja + Zdrowie, offered by the Plus network, is a unique service in Poland, allowing users to visit a virtual clinic, which offers 24/7 medical advice, and where users can get a consultation regarding their test results or contact a nurse or a midwife. The innovative system is also a source of information about operating hours, night and holiday medical assistance and a method of finding the shortest line for medical consultation or examination funded by the National Health Fund (NFZ). 

More importantly, the Virtual Clinic available through Ja + Zdrowie is a service that is accessible anywhere, anytime, via convenient channels: video, audio and chat, with functionality that allows users to send documents such as test results or prescriptions.

Many medical consultations do not require personal visits to the doctor’s office and waiting in lines. Oftentimes, the consultations concern only matters such as a discussion of test results or guidelines for taking medications. In cases such as these, the Virtual Clinic enables access to trusted medical information while saving the patient’s time and money. Moreover, easy access to medical consultation may help in identifying a disease at an early stage.

Cooperation with Polkomtel – one of the major telecommunication operators on the Polish market – covered the delivery of the solution, which is based on the LiveBranch system for Android and iOS mobile platforms, and on HTML5 and SilverLight technologies for the web version.

We are very pleased with the technological partnership related to the launch of such an important and innovative service. This project opens opportunities for pioneering implementation in the medical industry, which is still waiting for digitalization. We have much to do! -  says Piotr Skrabski, General Manager of LiveBranch at Software Mind.

Learn more at: www.plus.pl/zdrowie

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