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May 20, 2013

Ghana and Nigeria are Target for Wind Mobile

On 20th May 2013, the company signed a letter of intent with a partner from West Africa. The partners will cooperate in two areas, namely, developing the Open Ringback model in Africa, and in particular in the West African countries, as well as providing digital music in Ghana and Nigeria.

We have completed a series of numerous meetings with our partner, who is the leader in the field of value-added services in Africa. We have identified the key areas of cooperation and we are currently moving on to negotiate partnership agreements. The partnership related to Open Ringback is long-term, and its effects on the income will become visible in 2014. At first, we are focusing on Ghana and Nigeria, as they are very dynamic and large markets (the overall number of mobile network subscribers is around 140 million). Taking advantage of our relations with the global music providers, we have also extended our scope of cooperation with the new partner by sub-licensing digital music for the two major mobile network operators in these countries. This area of cooperation will allow us to establish direct contacts with operators within a short period of time and give us a real opportunity to gain income still in the current year, says Igor Bokun, Wind Mobile CEO.

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