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Jan. 11, 2016

Ailleron calls for support to become the National Public Champion in the European Business Awards

We achieved the title of National Champion in the European Business Awards competition and we are fighting for the winning in the next stage. The winner will be awarded with the title of National Public Champion.

Companies qualified for the second part of the competition present on the website contest videos of the business profile, special achievements, the most important products and services.

The company, whose film will receive the highest number of audience votes will win the title of National Public Champion. Voting starts on January 11 and will last for seven weeks. In the former edition of competition, companies from 32 countries taked part. All EU member markets were represented plus Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Their combined revenue exceeded €1.5 trillion, and together they generated profits of over 60 billion Euros.

Results will be announced during the gala of the European Business Awards in June 2016.

We encourage you to watch our film which show profile of the company and especially our product iLumio and vote: http://www.businessawardseurope.com/vote/detail-new/poland/16506

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