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The effects of pandemic: what changes will last longer than COVID?

Although coronavirus pandemic has not yet come to an end, but the first reports regarding its consequences began to appear. Those consequences may include not only wearing surgical masks, but also business transformations for the companies that have to adjust to the new situation – and the results of those changes may stay with them for a long time. Not only customers, but also businesses can benefit from that.

Office workers leave offices

Soon after the first cases of coronavirus were confirmed, many employees had to switch to remote work. At the beginning it seemed difficult, as companies expected to encounter a number of technical problems. Fortunately, it turned out that those were temporary difficulties that soon turned into long-term benefits.

Acoording to the recent study conducted by Domodi,  56% of employees said that their enjoyed Work-From-Home model after less than a month since the first restrictions were introduced. Another 19% of respondents claimed they could get used to this system in the near future. In most of the cases, remote workers valued comfort, peace, and not having to commute to work every single day. This research shows that offices may not be as crowded after the pandemic as they were before – and then may even become entirely empty.

The companies move online

Not only workers, but also the services they provide have moved to the digital world. Those include officials, teachers, but also entire companies that replaced face-to-face conversations with their online counterparts.

Clinic have found themselves in an especially unfavorable situation right after the pandemic started, as patients began to avoid them in fear of contracting the disease. Just a few weeks after pandemic started doctors could clearly see that medical platforms, such as LiveMed, can be priceless. That is because LiveMed helps medical staff to communicate with their patients via chat, voice call or video call. It can also be used for writing a virtual prescription, successfully replacing traditional consultations.

This platform is a perfect solution not only for the patients in isolation. This is also a useful tool for people staying abroad of wishing to consult with a doctor during a lunch break. LiveMed can also increase the effectivity of doctors’ work, as it allows them to talk to multiple patients in the same moment via multichat feature.

Banks, too, have decided to go online, even though they already considered digital channels one of their priorities. This time online platforms were to become an essential part of not only customer service, but also remote work and remote sales. LiveBank is a perfect solution to problems caused by pandemic in those fields. This platform allows agents to use many different channels to get in touch with their customers and sell the services quickly and safely from any place in the world. In the same time this platform is perfectly capable of replacing face-to-face contact, helping bank employees to maintain positive relations with their customers.

LiveBank can also be useful after the pandemic comes to an end. This platform can be used to shorten the time of customer service and make hotlines less crowded. What is more, this is one of the simplest ways of reaching new target audiences, such as full-time employees or young people, that are much more likely to use online channels. The use of this platform could not only be a way to secure a business during a pandemic, but also to speed up the inevitable changes that were previously scheduled for many financial institutions.

Time to change?

For many switching to remote work will be a permanent change, not just a temporary solution. This will cause numerous consequences for many industries, including those that up to this point considered work-from-home model impossible to introduce. On the other hand, this transformation is also an opportunity to grow, as moving to digital channels can attract brand new audiences that remained unaccessible before. Technology, if used properly, can turn a temporary crisis into a long-time success.