Tech Trends

Ailleron powers Play24 app

Creating an intuitive app can be a huge challenge for many developers. Fortunately, Ailleron has no problems with such complex tasks. That is why we were distinguished by Mobile Trends Awards committee that decided to honor our Play24 app in this prestigious competition. What is more, experts are not the only ones that are taken aback by the quality of our product – so are the customers!

Ailleron’s work is a basis for success

Play24 is an app that became extremally popular among Play’s customers – in fact, it attracted more than 4 millions of them. However, this is not a surprise for us. This app can help the subscribers to manage their accounts, pay their bills or acquiring additional services provided by the operator. Play24 can also be used for direct communication with advisors. Such an enormous diversity of options was reflected by customers’ satisfaction that soon helped this app to reach the first place in App Store. That means it became more popular that such giants as Google Chrome or QR code readers!

Still, the app itself did not appeared out of thin air. Ailleron, in cooperation with Miquido, introduced all of those functions while working on the platform’s backend. Thanks to our experts, Play24 could attract its new users with mobile payments via Google Play or Blik – system that allowed customers to fund their accounts in under 10 seconds. Our innovative approach made introducing new technologies not only simple, but also safe and quick. That combination allows us to respont to customers’ needs immediately and stay ahead of the competition.

Play24: perfect tool for Telco industry

Play24 is appreciated not only by the subscribers. This app and its numerous functions was also distinguished by Mobile Trends Awards committee in category Services. That means that Play joined a group of extaordinary companies, such as Santander Bank, Onet or Red Bull Poland.

We thank you for your trust and we hope that Ailleron will strive for more successes in the future – and we will gladly share them with our amazing partners.