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After hours


Employee of the year 2013

This year's Employee of the Year Gala held on the last day of January and brought many attractions and great fun. Employee of the Year is Piotr Skrabski - Congratulations!


Softwaremindowo 2013

During the weekend 26-27.09. 2013 we took part in the great adventure of the Dunajec river. It was delicious, grilled food, it was fun until dawn and rafting! :)


Software Mind on bike

Our company means innovative, high quality solutions and services brought to you by great people. We like to work and relax together - take a look at the photos from our bike trip to Zabierzów!


Family Picnic 2013

This summer we officially welcomed on Sunday (23.06.2013), at a family picnic! Please check out the photo.


Employee of the year 2012

The yearly Employee of the Year Gala has become a tradition. The honourable title of the employee of the year 2012 went to Jerzy Dorfler. Congratulations and please visit the photo gallery.


Family Picnic 2012

The Software Mind Family Picnic added variety to the hot and lazy Sunday in June 2012. It was delicious and colourful! Please check out the picture story.

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